Body Shapes

HELLO!! Fashion Beauties;

 It’s your Girl TerryAnn here, with Style and Fashion tips 101!!   Today I want to talk about body Shapes do you know what shape best describes your body? Are you struggling to find clothes that fits your body shape? Let’s me first just say that  all shapes are awesome please don’t allow society to make you feel less than if you don’t shape like what is presented on tv and in magazines!! What’s more important is learning your  body shape well so that you purchase garments that fit you right, pieces that accentuate your best features and go with your personal style; Not every girl is born with the perfect hour glass figure but that is not a problem if you know how to dress according to your body. If you don’t know how to do it, keep reading and I’ll give you some pointers to have in mind when going on a shopping spree.

 One of the biggest mistakes some girls do is only knowing their wardrobe sizes and shopping according to that. For example, you might think that if you’re a skirt size 10, you should buy any skirt size 10 that looks pretty in the store and that’s fine; but you’re wrong, because maybe that one piece is not flattering for your body shape or it draws even more attention to a feature you’re trying to hide.

So, first you need to recognize your body type and after that you’ll see how fun shopping can get and believe me, the selection for the right clothes can really improve your confidence.

* Of course, when buying clothes there’s more to just body shape, there’s proportion, height, personal style, etc. but this time i’m only focusing on what looks better according to body types. *

There are 7 typical body types:

  1. Diamond or Oval shape
  2. Triangle shape
  3. Square or rectangular shape
  4. Round or apple shape
  5. Hourglass shape
  6. Inverted Triangle shape
  7. Pear shape

Diamond/Oval Shape


– Your torso area is bigger than your hips, therefore your waist is not defined. You have quite a bit of belly fat.

Fashion tips:

– Avoid big prints on shirts and dresses that draw attention to your waist.

– Go for t-shirts and blouses that are loose on the middle section of your body. It’ll give the illusion of a smaller waist.

– Preffer the imperial waist style.

– V necks will focus the attention on your bust area instead of your waist.

– Use waist belts, these make your wasit look smaller.

Triangle Shape:


– Your hips are wider than your waist and your bust and shoulders are smaller than your waist. You don’t necessarily have bigger thighs, in this shape you can have thin legs.

Fashion tips

– Avoid crop tops and tight skirts (pencil skirt type).

– Empire waist style blouses and dresses that make your bust look bigger so it balances your figure.

– Choose tops with big lapels and shirts with horizontal lines or ruffles on the bust area.

– Go for big necklaces.

– Prefer darker colors for bottoms to give the illusion of smaller hips.

Square/Rectangular Shape:


– Your upper and lower body have similar measures. You might have a flat stomach and bust and you don’t have much curves (athletic body type).

Fashion tips:

– Avoid wearing tight tops and bottoms at the same time cuz you will look like a tube.

– Don’t wear stripes because they tend to hide cuves.

– Go for peplum style tops and waist belts.

– Pleated skirts or skater skirts highlight your hips and make your waist look smaller.

Round/Apple Shape:


– Not the same as diamond shape where only your belly is big. The upper half of your body is bigger. Your hips are smaller than the upper part of your body.

Fashion tips: 

– Preffer V necks and long sleeves

– Wear tight clothes that emphasize your butt and legs.

Go for mini skirts, skinny jeans or straight leg trousers.

Hourglass Shape: 


– Very proportional curves, your bust and hips have similar measures. Your waist is slim.

– This is the most desired body shape and only 8.4% of women have this type. YOU HAVE THE PERFECT BODY TYPE

Fashion tips:

– Avoid loose garments that hide your curves, you want to highlight them!

– Go for pencil skirts.

– Preffer low-rise straight pants.

– Choose V necks and low cut shirts in general.

Inverted triangle shape:


– You have wider shoulders and bust. You have slim belly and waist and narrow hips. Your legs are thin.

Fashion tips

– Avoid shoulder pads and very detailed tops. If your shoulders are bigger than your bust avoid strapless.

– Go for off-the-shoulder shirts.

– Choose long t-shirts and blouses.

– Preffer palazzo pants and pleated skirts.

– Always choose hip belts over waist belts.

Pear Shape


– Your hips and thighs are widers than the rest of your body. You have narrow shoulders. Your bust is smaller than your hips and thighs.

Fashion tips:

– Avoid loose clothing.

– Preffer short sleeves. You could get away with a crop top.

– Go for straight skirts.

– Use sem-long shirts and blouses.

Hope you ladies find this article really helpful!! Happy shopping!!! Until Next time!!